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Playing with 100 word stories/poetry and the like.


If you give a mom a cookie,

She will ask if it’s gluten free.

Regardless she’ll need her coffee which she misplaced.

Tracing her steps, she’ll see the blinking microwave. Her coffee is there, cold.

Warming it again, she decides to run the dishwasher but, is out of soap.

Grabbing her phone, she gets texted, Reminding her of a tv show recommendation,

So she heads to the living room when a noise makes her turn around to see

the blinking microwave, again,

the cat sitting on the counter top

looking down at the cookie

now broken on the floor.

Xx Melissa

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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Writing anything can be a great undertaking. Like most writers I started with a "grand" idea for a book and then went to town hacking it out. As I was closing in on the finish line, the goal posts moved, not uncommonly and not in a mean way. It was all very typical, organic. As it turns out I started my book in the wrong place. Rookie mistake.

As I've realigned and rewritten my manuscript I've also been listening to those who yell the loudest - other authors, agents and writing teachers, which has me branching out by writing essays and flash pieces, even a 100 word story - or twelve. But all of these projects, while they are not my book, hold just as much importance to my budding career as a writer.

Establishing myself, getting something, anything published is, as I'm told, the ticket to the big show; a traditional publishing contract for my memoir.

So, my little blog world has been a bit neglected while I nurture other parts of my writers sphere which I'm hoping will bring some exciting news soon,

Xx Melissa

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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

My apologies for the radio silence. Especially if this is the only way you follow me.

I have been writing a lot, though it may be hard to tell from this vantage point, so let me catch you up on all things books and writing.

Blog aside, it's been a busy number of months.

One of the key lessons we are taught as writers is write, write, write.

When you are looking for an agent for one project you should always have others in the works. That project can be another book, an essay, a short or flash piece. It doesn't matter as long as you are continually practicing and perfecting your craft and creative ideas.

For me it translated into this:

I finally found a memoir critique group. A lovely group of lady writers who are so wonderful, talented and astute as readers and critique partners, I am beyond grateful.

After reading my beginning pages they all agreed that while they like my voice it felt to them like I was starting my book in the wrong place. This is an all too common mistake for writers.

Anyway, while I was rereading my own book to find it's new opening I had an idea for an essay. And then another idea popped up for a creative non-fiction flash piece (1000 words or less).

All of which sent me off in a few directions that in the end still equalled some form of reading and writing.

During this same time I was given a couple of opportunities to discuss my work with an agent as well as two different editors. I won't get into the nitty gritty since they all reviewed different projects but the consensus was unanimous: Great voice, great topics, good writing but needs some work. The suggestions on how to elevate my writing were priceless as well encouraging. All I needed to keep moving forward.

I have since found a new beginning for my book with a stamped approval from my critique partners. I have been tweaking the flash piece and essay which at some point I hope to get published...keep your fingers crossed but I'll let you know as soon as it happens. And to add to the chaos (good joyful chaos) I am co-writing a fiction with my daughter. #WritersLife

In case you wanted to know what else was going on in between my idyllic writers life:

School, Homework, Driver's Ed, Karate lessons and tournaments, doctors appointments, PT, family visits, Finally watching Ted Lasso, The whole month of November disappeared because of Covid: we are 2 for 2 against it, not sure how we managed that but I'm proud it didn't get us all. More doctors appointments, Family golf lessons and our first movie in a theatre since 2019.

Life. kinda like yours.

Hope this finds everyone well. Happy New Year, Spring forward is coming and I'll write again soon.


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