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For The Love of Books!

Somewhere in the Midwest, many years ago, a little girl was born who fell in love with books, loved the writing and retelling of stories. There were treasures to find, along with hope and adventure, there was silliness and rhymes. The feel and touch of an actual book, the bold black ink and the stories that leapt off crisp white pages warmed her heart and ignited her imagination. 

She, is me, and I am probably not too different from many of you.

Even with the love of books and the quest for the next story I've always known that I wanted to write. A book, a blog, ...a something. So many ideas have been jotted in notebooks, paragraphs and passages written, fragments of scenes, but I still wasn't quite sure what the first story was that I was going to tell. 

Three years ago exceptionally average was born.

As it turns out, the first story I am writing is my story. I have the feeling in many ways it's your story too. 

#Spoonie #Warrior

I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.


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