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Here, There and Everywhere

Updated: Nov 28

Writing anything can be a great undertaking. Like most writers I started with a "grand" idea for a book and then went to town hacking it out. As I was closing in on the finish line, the goal posts moved, not uncommonly and not in a mean way. It was all very typical, organic. As it turns out I started my book in the wrong place. Rookie mistake.

As I've realigned and rewritten my manuscript I've also been listening to those who yell the loudest - other authors, agents and writing teachers, which has me branching out by writing essays and flash pieces, even a 100 word story - or twelve. But all of these projects, while they are not my book, hold just as much importance to my budding career as a writer.

Establishing myself, getting something, anything published is, as I'm told, the ticket to the big show; a traditional publishing contract for my memoir.

So, my little blog world has been a bit neglected while I nurture other parts of my writers sphere which I'm hoping will bring some exciting news soon,

Xx Melissa

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