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Would you read this book?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I have begun to polish and edit. As I move forward in finding an agent and getting my query letter perfected, or at least really likeable, I reread the blurb I originally wrote.

A blub is mandatory in the query but it needs to be neat and compact. It can't take up too much of your letter or leave you short in character count for the other required bits. After a couple of days of reworking it this is what I've created:

Blurb: exceptionally average

My drug of choice was ibuprofen. Specifically, 800 mgs paired with my morning coffee. Together they managed to scare off enough symptoms which allowed me the façade of a healthy normal life despite being diagnosed as perimenopausal.

I ate well, exercised often and pushed myself to be the super involved active community member, Pinterest party planning PTA mom. I had few complaints, truly.

When the winter season increasingly pushed me to my mental limits I began to take on a new persona. They called me “Winter Melissa” followed by “and she’s not pretty!”

I admit I’ve never been ”in love” with winter but I’ve always handled it with upbeat tolerance. But in 2015 something changed, my tolerance turned into hatred and the hatred turned to madness. I felt suffocated and I had to get out of this place.

After much persuasion, I finally convinced my husband that a move south could heal me, and we accomplished a cross country move that left our heads spinning. As we eased into our sunny new southern lives a truth unfolded from the most unlikely place. An appointment with a new chiropractor revealed what had been ignored for decades. Not only did I have a wildly uncontrolled autoimmune disease, but I also had cancer. I was dying and no one had bothered to tell me.

So I ask you my friends, Would you want to read this book?

Let me know in the comments.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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 Melissa B.
Melissa B.
Aug 09, 2021

Thank You! I appreciate you taking the time.


Absolutely Yes!

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