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Sign Up compared to Follow?

Here's the question:

What makes you sign up for an email list compared to just following someone on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

If you have an answer I would truly be interested in your take.

The reason I ask is serious, not heart attack serious, but this isn't mere curiosity.

In the publishing world, where authors are expected to do most all of their own marketing, it is impressed upon us that having an email list is important. They expect that you are coming to the table with hundreds, hopefully thousands, of potential book sales ready to go.

I know it sounds a bit insane but inside the publishing realm books are churned out and sent into the world on the heels of the one before it and the one that will be following yours is already sharing your chair. On top of that, If you are going the traditional publishing route it's best to know that even if your agent and the publishing house loves your book and signs you it will probably be another solid year, if not more, before you see your actual printed book.

Yes, You can absolutely self publish. Self edit, partially pay an editor, pay for your cover art or do that yourself too. There are a million ways to get a book out to the masses but it still leads you back to selling your book....if that's why you wrote it and that's what you are hoping to do.

So, Email sign up?

What do I need to do to get you to sign up on my email list?

*cute smile* points to link -----> Email sign up

Should I give stuff away? Offer a copy of my book, once it's published?

Help a girl out and let me know.


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