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#Spoonie? ..... what the heck is that anyway?

A handful of people have asked me what a "Spoonie" is and how it applies to me. I'll be blunt and tell you I had no idea that I even was one until a few months ago.

I kind of knew what it was about and had an some idea that it had to do with people who have a medical condition, disease or illness...something with lupus, maybe? I wasn't a hundred percent clear on the specifics and, in all honesty, figured I would read up on it later.

Later became now, so here is some basic info.

A “spoonie” is a term used by people with chronic illnesses.

It stems from lupus blogger Christine Miserandino who explained her lack of energy using spoons, yes like the actual silverware kind.

Chronic illnesses often cause daily chronic pain and fatigue. This can range from tolerated mild discomfort and aches to debilitating agonizing pain that leaves you unable to show up to your life.

The Spoon theory is a metaphor that is used to describe the amount of mental or physical energy a person has available to them for daily activities and tasks.

You can read her article here.

And for a visual example here's a fancy chart. There are a million versions of this if you google it but this will give you an idea.

That is a fairly simplistic answer that may leave wondering what that has to do with me and how it applies to my book. I can tell you that I don't have lupus or endometriosis or POTS or PCOS but every single day I do have chronic pain and fatigue. I have been chronically ill now for over three years and whatever is making me sick is still a mystery, to everyone. The absolutes of my health don't add up to my continuing symptoms and the stranger part of my story is how I found out that I had any illness at all.

My book, exceptionally average, takes you through how I got to the point where I'm at now.

I can't call this a journey as I generally associate the word "journey" with something pleasant. This has been one of the least pleasant experiences of my life.

Have I been educated? Yes! 100%. Am I exhausted and sick of feeling sick? Yes!! 100%.

I give you my first hand experience and living proof examples that there are heroes... and demons in our healthcare system.

The saddest part of my experience thus far, beyond my continuing unsolved pain, is that I have found amongst us lives warriors and survivors in the millions. Whether they call themselves Spoonies or not, in the US alone, there are over 155 million people who live daily with chronic illness. That means that almost every other person you know or meet is fighting something.

My book is my story. It is the harrowing tale that half of you will be shocked to read and the other half will raise your hand and say "Same girl. Same"

If you want to know when my book will be published, please sign up for email updates.

Thx. ..and please take care, choose wisely and don't waste your spoons.

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