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Pick a Pitch!

I have slowly been sharing information about my upcoming memoir.

If you have been following me, most likely you have some idea about the subject matter.

If not, this may come as a surprise.

None the less, there was a Pitch fest on twitter a few weeks ago called #PitMad.

This event allows authors of every genre to post pitches about their book in order to attract agents.

While I did not get a "heart" from an agent, the group I was working with noticed amongst us, a group of over 600 writers, that only fiction seemed to get agent attention. This was not a scientific collection of data, just an observation.

So here in this blog today I am curious of your opinion.

If you were to choose, which pitch do you like the best?

Check out the

GOOGLE FORM HERE <------Pitchfest mini.

I appreciate your time and support.

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