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New but not so new Writer on the Block

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

If you found this blog, Thank You and Congratulations!

LOL. I laugh only because this is the beginning of the beginning of the foray into the real world of social media platforms. I'm telling you this now, that as a human I will try my best, scouts honor, to keep up with this.

I already have a blog over on WordPress:

I've been dabbling with it for a few-ish years and some have found it enjoyable. I'm not super popular or well known simply because I have made little effort to do so. I'm told, though, that If I am to get a book published that must all change.

So, here we go.

This will be the spot where you can find updates about my book. While the Home page of my website is currently basic that will continue to change and mature as I go forward into the world of writing and trying to get my book published.

FYI: Not such a mystery, My book is a memoir.

Clearly you can see I have a title and book art. What you may not know is that I am about 1/2 way complete in writing my manuscript. The outline is done, I have many, many notes for each chapter that need to be constructed so that is forms a coherent train of thought, I'm told this is important to you readers, ha ha, and I am working on the framework of my proposal that will be sent to Hay House Publishers for a contest that I have been granted entry into after attending a workshop with them recently.

Besides book updates in this blog I will also throw in some writing stuff, memes, happy thoughts and good vibes like that.

So, Cheers! Here is to the beginning of our new social media relationship. Nice to meet you.

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