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Getting it done, sort of.

Whew, what a past week this has been.

I'm sure like most people, whether American citizen or not, the election of our next president has taken up a bit of your time, social media attention or your television viewing.

This is not a political post, FYI. So no worries there, you can relax.

I, too, have been engrossed in the details of the election which naturally has taken me away from my main focus of writing this book. Keeping up with any regular task can be difficult when there is something newsworthy grabbing at you but today I have managed to reign it back in, Thank goodness.

While I haven't done a ton of writing today what I did accomplish was getting my notes in order to place them into their proper chapters. You see, a good portion of my book has been written by dictation. I have spent the last couple of years going over phrases, passages and title ideas entirely in my head. As soon as I was able I dictated them into my phone's notepad so that I could then email them to myself at a later date to be sorted. Today was printing and sorting day!

Besides the actual writing portion, I've mentioned this on other platforms, I will need to do the marketing of my book as well. I wasn't quite aware to what extent until I took a couple writing workshops that spelled out quite clearly that it is almost completely up to me. That entails the set up and upkeep of each of my social media platforms regularly. Engaging with others and dropping in bits about writing, my book or current blog post is essential and that is how I spend my mornings usually. I'm guessing if you are reading this that you probably participate in at least one social media platform. If not, I highly recommend it. I have met and chatted with some of the most wonderful, warm and welcoming people from all over the world.

So today was notes day and website maintenance day. I think I did some good work and with this little blog post, it's the cherry on top.

Coming up in the near future there will be a contest for some swag....So if you want to be included in that I would highly recommend signing up for email updates. It will only be for email subscribers.

Until then....

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