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Counting Down

Whether you are "into" the holidays or not we are in the countdown to the end of this crazy year of 2020. A mere 31 days until we enter what we hope to be a better next year.

Some of you will find great comfort in the traditions you normally share around this time of year. Some will take joy in the creativeness of modifying your typical rituals, while others will continue to do their normal and retract into their own world and look forward to all of it to being over.

Whatever you choose, I wish you well and success in your endeavors.

For me, the count down brings me just that much closer to the deadline of getting my manuscript completed. I have a due date in mid-April but am pressing myself to be completed way before that. Before I can send in my proposal and sample chapters I'll need to get a few beta readers to spell check me and confirm that my story flows along smoothly. So much to do, so much to do.

Getting all of my ducks in a row in the middle of holiday season is a tall order since I am not one to retreat, regardless of how I am feeling. There are decorations to arrange and presents to wrap. I'm told there are cookies that need to be baked and I actually wrangled my teen into helping write out holiday cards this year, so I feel like a scored "a win" there. I'm really not to different than any of you with kids who have seasonal expectations. I spend my days dealing with extra school homework all while assuring children that the teachers are not being hateful or a scrooge just because they're giving a little extra work to cover for the time they'll have off, sharing the wish lists with family members, organizing doctors and lab appointments around asynchronous school days and my husbands meeting get it. The list goes on and on and somewhere in there I have a book to finish writing.

I've asked Santa for some extra energy and a few extra days in the week. Easy, right?

No matter what your December looks like I hope you handle it with love and grace. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones.

**If you'd like to share a creative way you've modified or altered a holiday tradition I would love to hear about it.

In the mean time I've got some ornaments to hang, oh.. and some writing to do but I'll give you guys a shout out again soon.

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